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James Lovelock - Apocalypse soon

Posted by TheGreen on 10/24 at 01:08 PM
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This morning my sister sent me a link to this story. Until now I had not heard of James Lovelock. His ideas look intersting if not a wee bit radical. I supposed to obtain a full rounded view of things, we should keep an open mind to all ideas. His book The Revenge of Gaia looks interesting too.

“A couple of times in the course of my lunch with Professor James Lovelock, I catch our waitress cocking an eyebrow at me in mild surprise. As instructed by Lovelock’s publisher, I asked for the quietest table in the restaurant. But, between us, my guest and I manage to make enough noise - mainly hoots of laughter - to attract the attention of other diners.
If they could hear the rest of our conversation, they would be even more surprised. “Humanity will be reduced to a few breeding pairs.” “An enormous food shortage will kill off most people.” “Watch the Dutch. Half of northern Europe will be under water, and there’s Holland behind a 10ft surrounding wall carrying on business as usual.” More laughter. Lovelock is a very jolly prophet of the apocalypse.”

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