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Recycling in the country side

Posted by TheGreen on 07/05 at 08:14 PM

Out here in the country our recycling is picked up every 2 weeks, and by that time our 320 litre bin is full. It doesn’t have to be.

A generation ago you went to the butcher and got a piece of steak and it was wrapped in brown paper. Today that same steak would have a styrofoam backing and one, if not two layers of clear plastic wrapping.

Then there is the sheer amount of packaging that comes with almost any consumer goods these days. Anyone with kids knows the joys of spending Christmas day trying to extricate toys from layers of plastic and carboard, cutting wire ties, plastic tie wraps and rearranging the skin on your fingers in the process.

We all feel better when we throw stuff into the recycle bin. But that’s still stuff being used for no good purpose. Consumers have to start demanding less packaging. Less packaging means less use, less energy used, and a real benefit to the environment. Stop it at the source.

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