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Google looking into alternative energies

Posted by TheGreen on 10/30 at 02:57 PM
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Google is participating in a number of initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Included are a 1.6 megawatt solar installation at its corporate headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. With solar panels on building roofs, Google has also constructed a car port with solar panels on the roof. Employees are encouraged to charge up plug-in hybrids. “Google’s solar carports are just the beginning,” a company spokesperson says. A very interesting read for all those interested in what the big corporations are doing to help curb global warming.

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Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home

Posted by TheGreen on 10/29 at 07:36 PM

Filmmaker Employs Unique Social Marketing Campaign to Distribute New Feature Length Documentary that Literally Brings Home the Threat to Our Environment

(TORONTO, ON, Monday, October 29, 2007) - On November 19, 2007 independent filmmaker and concerned father Andrew Nisker invites audiences everywhere to be a part of the World premiere of the documentary Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home and to help launch a global grassroots movement to combat the heavy toll household waste is exacting on the environment.  Nisker is challenging the public to start a global garbage revolution!

Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home, the new feature length documentary by filmmaker Andrew Nisker candidly portrays the threat to our environment as the Mcdonald family of Toronto tracks their waste output for three months. As they discover where their garbage goes and at what cost to the environment, the Mcdonald household engages the audience with an ‘open-door reality-check.’ Meticulous tracking of consumption and waste, right down to the children’s lunchboxes result in not only candid comments, but also some rather enlightening and even humorous moments.

“Household waste is a huge factor in the degradation of our environment. There is an unspoken and ongoing acceptance of extraneous packaging, for instance, mostly in the name of branding, resulting in tons and tons of garbage that we really can do without and this is visually portrayed in the film,” Nisker points out.

Nisker’s distribution model is tied into creating a movement for social change, starting at the local level and taking it global through the online community at where viewers are asked to share videos, pictures and blogs of their own advice,  ideas, solutions and initiatives to make eco-friendly living a reality in every home.

“Society is tired of waiting for slow moving politicians and corporations to implement change, but the truth is we don’t need to wait. From the bottom up, the time has come to change our own worlds starting at home and to send a message to the polluters that we have all chosen a green path. Viewing Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home empowers audiences to make those changes, now, by making simple lifestyle choices,” says Nisker.

More than a viral marketing campaign, the unique distribution model acts as a global call to action, utilizing social media to build and foster a sense of community in an effort to effect positive social change one-family-at-a-time.  By hosting a screening of the film, discussing solutions and sharing their own initiatives viewers can be part of a larger movement to change the way household garbage is produced, reduced and disposed of.

Already families and communities around the world have confirmed their plans to screen Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home on November 19th in places such as in Calgary, New York, Los Angeles, London, Tel Aviv, Copenhagen, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt and Chicago, with the list growing daily. In Toronto, the World Premiere is set for November 19th at 9pm at Innis Town Hall, 2 Sussex Ave Toronto (University Of Toronto).

The documentary has already inspired a movement in North America to stop buying bottled water. Tappening which will be launched next month by best selling author and President of Ericho Communications, Eric Yaverbaum ( in partnership with Mark DiMassimo, Chairman and Founder of highly acclaimed advertising agency DIGO (  Their combined 50 years of experience will not only support Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home with social marketing initiatives, but a portion of profits from sales of their water bottles will also go toward fostering the Garbage! Revolution.

In Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home, filmmaker Andrew Nisker succinctly puts a vast amount of about past, current and ongoing environmental damage and the growing catastrophe we are all contributing to into one remarkably enjoyable film.  Nisker skillfully shifts focus from melting glaciers and oil slicks to ‘any neighborhood,’ ‘any town;’ and essentially, right into your own home, so that citizens can connect the dots between their actions and the environment and be inspired to change their polluting ways.

Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home is for sale on DVD at Any individual, family, business or corporation can host a screening of the film. Those interested are asked to purchase a film, download a screening package - complete with action items - and are encouraged to record their reactions and thoughts. This feedback can then be shared with a global online community at


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green trucks

Posted by TheGreen on 10/16 at 06:13 PM

We often think of transport trucks and their tendency to belch black smoke. But according to this article from The Gazette, that vision may one day soon be a thing of the past. Now if we can just get the government to help the transport industry out to get the Enviro Truck on the road…

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Turning the suns rays into gold

Posted by TheGreen on 10/01 at 02:43 PM
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According to this article in the Toronto Star, we may be on the verge of large-scale solar power generation, using large expanses of the world’s deserts as energy-producing hubs. Not a bad accomplishment for a Canadian cameraman. Have a good read and follow it up with some positive thinking. With ideas like this, we may just get ourselves out of this mess yet…

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