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Apple announces new environmentally friendlier laptop

Posted by TheGreen on 01/15 at 08:38 PM

Today Apple announced a new laptop, claiming it the worlds thinnest machine. Apart from this amazing technological feat, Apple has also taken to making an environmentally friendlier machine. Steve Jobs today touted the new MacBook Air as having a fully aluminum case which is good for recycling, the first completely mercury and lead free displays. The circuit boards are BFR free also. Brominated flame retardants (BFRs) replaced PCB as the major chemical flame retardant. Typically they are applied to prevent electronics from catching fire. Last but not least, what every retailer should be focusing on, Apple, has reduced retail packaging by 56% over the MacBook.

This is an exciting machine for those that can afford and hopefully Apple will start to put their environment savings into their other machines.

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