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Tire pressure and air filters - increase your fuel mileage

Posted by TheGreen on 08/24 at 03:34 PM
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A lot of people lately have been telling us that we need to ensure that our tire pressure is up to snuff. Meaning, check your tire pressure, and check it regularly. Low tire pressure is not only dangerous, but it can also result in poor mileage. Take our vacation to Prince Edward Island a few years back. Relatives who were visiting from Holland had rented a camper for the trip while we packed our car with our camping gear. Their tank was full, and yet, after only 200 kilometers the tank was empty! Surely something must be wrong we figured, and it was suggested they verify the tire pressure. They found that two of the tires on this rented camper were very soft. Once the pressure was topped up, they started getting the proper mileage for the camper which was closer to 450 kilometers per tank.

Another item to check, which I had forgotten about for two years is your air filter. Our vehicle is nine years old and we do some of our own maintenance, like changing the air filter. Our mileage was just below 400 kilometers per tank, and after we changed the air filter we jumped back up to 450 kilometers per tank. Okay, our air filter was abnormally dirty, but you get the picture.

So go outside right now, take two minutes and check the tire pressure on your vehicle(s), and the air filter. You can usually find the recommended tire pressure on the car frame inside the driver’s door. 

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