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Paint on solar panels. It’s about time!

Posted by TheGreen on 07/11 at 04:04 PM
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Imagine turning the windows in your house into solar panels, just by painting them with an organic transparent dye. This die is claimed will absorb and transport light to photovoltaic cells that sit in the window frames. There it is converted to electricity. You can even paint this on regular solar panels to further increase the efficiency of current solar panels. Though I can’t see it being a huge increase as the solar light that creates the power in the first place is being absorbed by the dye. The team at MIT found that using specific combinations of dye—where each dye absorbs a different wavelength of light—they were able to avoid light being lost as it travelled to the solar cells in the window frames.

It is not that the dye will create the electricity, it merely acts as an efficient transporter of light. This means concentrating light into specific areas on a surface. This would be a huge boon to the electric car auto industry also, and I assume you could paint this die onto your roof or house walls too. Now if they can come up with a spray to cover your driveway, that would be cool. Or better yet, cover all the roads with a spray on dye that would concentrate the lights energy into collectors by the side of the road. Okay, I am getting a bit carried away, but one day… you read it here first.

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