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A Canadian Car company? Really? But not in Canada eh!


Today a relative from Calgary sent me a harmless little link to a Canadian Car company. Yes, a true blue (red) Canadian Car company. Actually, it is right here in Quebec, just a couple hours from my house. In St-Jerome Quebec is a tiny little car company starting to make some impressively large headlines. This is great right? It gets better.

This tiny little Canadian Car company is producing Electric cars which are now sold around the world, in the United States, Europe, Mexico. Wait a minute, isn’t Canada part of the world? Yes it is, but our Conservative Government, led by Mr Stephen Harper seems hell bent on destroying this little company. The Canadian Federal government fought to not allow the Zero Emission, No Noise (Z.E.N.N) car on Canadian roads. Despite the fact that many other countries allow the car, our government until just a few months ago, appeared to be doing nothing to help our own home grown electric car company get going. Now if you listen to the news, you will hear how fast the Canadian government is helping pull oil out of the ground in the Alberta Tar sands to help the US fight its war in Iraq. You will hear that our Canadian government is helping to NOT meet green house reduction targets, and now you will hear that the Canadian government tried to destroy what appears to be an incredibly smart company. Sounds like our government is a wee bit oil hungry.

In Toronto, one father is worried about all the pollution and his kids have asthma, so he is doubly worried. He thinks the Zenn car is great! Rick Mercer did a report on the Zenn car in November 2007, and he thinks the Zenn car is incredible! On November 7th 2007, our Canadian Federal Government has approved the sale of this little low speed vehicle (LSV) in Canada. It is about time too. Unfortunately the battle has not ended. It is now up to each province to pass low speed vehicle regulations. Of our ten provinces guess which is the only one that has such regulations already in place. If you guess British Colmbia, you are a smart cookie. All nine other provinces need to create regulations for LSV’s before this amazing little car can be driven here. The next province to get regulations in place might just be Quebec:

Aside from British Columbia, several provinces including Quebec and Ontario have
expressed an interest in developing on-road regulations for low-speed vehicles.  ZENN
Motor Company enjoyed positive meetings with the province of Ontario in June 2007
and the Minister of Transportation of Quebec recently announced her intentions of fast-
tracking low-speed vehicle legislation in Quebec.

So lets get together and push our provincial governments to get LSV regulations in place as soon as possible. Not only is this little car extremely affordable, but it is also an amazing piece of technology. Especially for us in Quebec, where electricity is produced in a moderately environmentally safe way (compared to coal). Please pass this story on to your friends and family. Lets let the world know about the ZENN Canadian made car.

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i did know that canada made cars. Anything to help going green is great. Keep up the good work canada.

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