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A Greener Bathroom At No Extra Cost

Revamping your bathroom with a more efficient toilet, showerhead and faucet goes a long way to reducing the environmental impact of your bathroom. There is, however, also a lot that you can do without spending a dime.

Consider the following water saving tips:

  • Turn the water off while brushing your teeth or shaving.
  • Fill a container with stones and place it in your toilet tank to displace water. A closed bottle of sand will work as well.
  • Use a timer and limit your showers to 5 minutes.
  • Fix a leaking toilet and faucet right away.
  • Don’t use your toilet to flush trash.

Many bathroom cleaners are very harsh on the environment, and even those that are marked as eco-friendly may not be entirely so. Saving water is one way to make your bathroom greener, but making your own cleaner will also make a significant difference.

Consider the following DIY cleaner tips:

  • To make an all-purpose cleaner: use ½ cup of borax
1 gallon hot water. Mix this in a pail. For a spray-bottle amount, use 1/8 cup borax to 1 quart of hot water. Dissolve the borax completely. Use a rag to wipe clean wipe clean.
  • To make a toilet bowl cleaner: use baking soda and 
white vinegar. Sprinkle the toilet bowl with baking soda. Add the white vinegar to create fizz. Then scrub with a toilet brush. This cleans and deodorizes your toilet bowl.
  • To clean your tub and tiles: use 
1/2 lemon
 and borax.  Dip the lemon-half in the borax. The lemon-half becomes a hand-held scrubber. Rinse and dry the surface afterwards.
  • To clean drains:
use 1 cup of baking soda
and 1 cup of vinegar. Add the baking soda and vinegar to a pot of boiled water. Pour the mixture down the drain, and then flush with tap water. 
For stubborn clogs, you may need to also use a plunger or a “snake” plumbing tool to manually remove blockage. 
One way to prevent clogs is to install inexpensive mesh screen.
  • To clean glass
and mirrors: use 1/4 cup of vinegar or 1 Tbsp of lemon juice and 
2 or more cups of water.

Baking soda provides grit for scrubbing and it fizzes or foams when used with water, vinegar or lemon.  This helps to break down grime.
Borax disinfects, bleaches and deodorizes.
Distilled white vinegar disinfects and helps to break up dirt. Whereas red vinegar does the same, it may stain surfaces.
Hydrogen Peroxide disinfects and bleaches
Lemons help to cut grease. Lemon juice also works, but you may need to use more.


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