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Today while looking at ways to build an electric lawnmower, I stumbled across

Appropedia is the site for collaborative solutions in sustainability, poverty reduction and international development. Appropedia helps us sustain our world.

They have quite a great collection of interesting projects and ideas that a handy person could fairly easily build at home. My first project is still the electric lawnmower. However to start, I would like to get more information more about using Lithium Ion batteries instead of the more common acid and lead batteries found in golf carts and cars etc. Heck, if the KillaCycle can run off of a similar type of battery, I figure my lawn mower could. Even the Tesla runs off of Lithium Ion batteries. From the Tesla Motors website:

“Unlike the lead-acid or nickel metal hydride batteries in most electric cars — which are heavy and difficult to dispose of — we use a proprietary Lithium ion battery pack. Nickel cadmium batteries were notorious for memory problems, and nickel metal hydride batteries reduced this problem. The lithium ion batteries we use in the Tesla Roadster eliminate the problem. So there is no need to worry about waiting until the battery pack is fully discharged before recharging it: feel free to charge your car whenever you have access to power.”

So, an electric lawnmower powered with Lithium Ion batteries will be my first official project. Whether I actually get to that project or not, is yet to be seen.

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