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Banishing Water bottles

More municipalities and governments should start to take the issue of bottled water seriously. Danny Cavanagh, president of CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees) is calling for a ban on bottled water in Nova Scotia.

The concern, in this case, is regarding the use of plastic bottles. We may think that the extensive use of plastic for bottled water is not such a problem because we can recycle the bottles. If everyone always recycled their bottles, then there might be less of a concern, but this does not seem to be the case. In London, Ontario a council studied how many water bottles were being recycled or refunded. It was discovered that only 20% of bottles there are recycled and as much as 80% of these are still going to landfills. It is unlikely that London, Ontario is alone in this case.

What is the big deal about no longer using bottled water? You certainly do not need it in the home. Tap water can be filtered if you are picky. You do not need bottled water at school or at work. Water fountains or providing your own reusable water bottle should be sufficient. Conventions, parties and other gatherings can easily use jugs of water and glasses. So, other than selling bottled water like soda and juice out of vending machines and at concession stands, is there really such a need for bottled water?

Danny Cavanagh believes that  governements should "start with some education aimed at our children and others: Public water is just as good as – in fact better, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than – bottled water". He goes on to state that "according to some estimates, one bottle of water costs about the same as 500 to 600 glasses of tap water".

Until the sale of bottled water is reduced or even banned, you can easily do your part in lessening your ecological footprint and stop buying bottled water.

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