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Compost Container

Composting is the way to go these days, but you may not find that a pot full of peels, egg shells and coffee grinds is so appealing on your kitchen counter. One solution is to have a dedicated garbage can under your sink to dump your daily compost matter into. This can allow you to have the flexibility of not emptying your compost can every day. If you prefer the handy accessibility of a countertop container, however, then the popular choice seems to be a tin pail. The only problem is that it is an open container that it invites fruit flies and emits an odor. I personally do not find that it looks attractive either. My suggestion is to find an aluminum canister with a lid that seals. I was able to find one with a see-through plastic lid that allows me to see how full the container is. The canister also looks clean and sleek on my countertop.

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