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Composting Tea

Our family has been progressively more proficient at composting. We used to have just a big pile of leaves composting on top of an old log. As this pile composted, it became our vegetable garden and a new compost pile was started. The open pile was not something we could use for our food scraps (visiting raccoons), so we got a compost bin with a lid. Our town provides the bins for a small fee of $5.00 each spring. Our next step is to build a proper enclosure for our compost pile. We found some great compost bin design ideas that we will use for this.

With all of this increased interest in composting, we are continuously looking for information to help us move forward. Today we learned that we can add bread to our composter, as well as some of our toilet paper rolls. More interesting, however, is composting tea. A lawn-care specialist friend of ours had once mentioned using compost tea as a fertilizer. He is always experimenting with alternative methods to replace the use of chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides.

We did not realize that compost tea is not difficult to make ourselves. We found some instructions today. You basically steep your compost in water. We will be trying this and will keep you posted on our success.

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