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Environment to ensure majority federal government is a project designed to try to oust the Conservative government and bring in a majority government that will put environmental issues in the forefront of its platform.

According to the movement, "We believe that the Harper Government’s collusion with the Bush White House to obstruct progress on climate change at recent international summits does not reflect how Canadians want their leaders to behave on the world stage. The Harper and the Conservative Party are simply not in step with what scientists say is needed, with Canadians' concerns, and with economic benefits of dealing with climate change."

"If those of us who care about the environment don’t work together across party lines, the pro-environment vote will be split as it was in the last election and Harper will be re-elected."

The site calculates what the likely vote totals would be for each party based on today's polling. Visiting the site regularly will allow you to follow what the trend is for your riding. The idea is that this will help you to vote strategically to form a majority government that will be environmentally proactive regardless of your plolitical affiliation.

"Government change not climate change
Vote smart so the majority wins"

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