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Green Choices: Myths and Tips

Every year we take another step forward towards making our home as energy efficient as we can. Just before the holidays, we tuned up our home heating system. I think that we have finally done all that we can in that department. We still have a number of other improvements to make, but some of these need to factor in the financial cost involved. There are, however, several things that we can do that do not cost a penny. In fact, they save more than a few pennies.

We are always looking for tips on how to increase our energy efficiency, and there are loads of web sites out there to help us. The Consumer Reports Greener Choices,, offers information and green ratings on a variety of consumer products. The site lists a number of energy-saving myths as well. One of these myths is that no matter how frugal you are with hand washing your dishes, it is better to use an efficient dish washer. We have always washed our dishes by hand, and I question if today’s water-saving dish washers use less than the 2 x 3/4 sink full of water that we use a day. This is a myth that we may try to bust. But myth or not, the Consumer Reports Greener Choices site offers many other excellent tips on how to save energy.

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