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Low-Energy Light Bulbs Have Improved

The technology of energy-saving light bulbs continues to improve. There is really no excuse for using energy wasting bulbs anymore.

– Current low-energy light bulbs now reach their full brightness in a matter of seconds.
– Using low-energy light bulbs can reduce CO2 emissions by about 80%. They are also very cost efficient in the long run.
– The light emitted by low-energy light bulbs is no longer so harsh.
– Energy-saving light bulbs convert nearly all the power they consume into light, rather than heat.
– There is now much more variety in the energy-saving light bulbs available – both in type of light they produce and the shape and size of bulbs.
– By using a low-energy light bulb, you are using less fossil fuel.
– LED light is the light of the future.
– Dichroic halogen bulbs are more efficient than regular halogen bulbs.
– Old-fashioned incandescent globes are being phased out and in Europe.
– Mercury in CFL bulbs should not be a cause for concern or an excuse. Cleaning up any type of broken light bulb should be done with care.
– There are various brands of low-energy bulbs that are compatible with dimmers.

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