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Nature of Things season premier tonight with David Suzuki

Award winning scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster is hosting the Nature of Things season premiere tonight. Most of us know the Natures of Things and actually most of us grew up with the show. David Suzuki has won three Gemini Awards and an ACTRA Award as Best Host. Most importantly in relation to this website,, is the fact that David Suzuki is a forceful environmentalist who is not afraid to say what is on his mind. David Suzuki was recently quoted as say that those scientists that don't believe in climate change are "shills" for big corporations. Furthermore he feels Canada should be consider international outlaws for opting out of the Kyoto agreement. In February of this year, David Suzuki spoke at McGill University and suggested that students find a way to get our leaders jailed who ignore science as it is a criminal act.

So, you may love him or you may hate him, but the simple fact is clear, David Suzuki is trying to help our planet and we can learn a lot from him.

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