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In an effort to reduce waste, we turned to reusable water bottles several years ago. When it came to our attention, however, that the plastic bottles and drink boxes we were using could be leaching harmful chemicals, we were pretty alarmed. We immediately got rid of them and switched to aluminum bottles. There are quite a few varieties on the market now. They range in price from about $7.00 to $20.00. We bought ours at Le Baron Sport in Montreal. I know that Mountain Equipment Coop sells them, and I saw some at Walmart as well. We recommend purchasing a bottle that is entirely aluminum or stainless steel, rather than one with a plastic lining.

Since these aluminum bottles are considerably more expensive than the plastic ones, we were concerned about losing them. We took a few minutes to etch our names on the bottles. So far, so good. We still have all of our bottles.

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I tried out both plastic and metal water bottles and gave up on them both after only a few days of use because of the taste. (I’m picky!) I found a glass water bottle that I love and I have been using that for about 8 months now.  My fiance and I started selling them on our green website at:

Check it out, no matter what you decide to buy, we should all really try to phase out the disposable bottles!

Posted by Living La Vida Verde  on  06/30  at  06:47 PM
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