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Solar powered Christmas

Every year we have tried to put up Christmas lights, but to over do it. Due to the potentially large quantity of electricity that one could use, we were happy to see LED Christmas lights come out a couple of years ago. This year, we were a little surprised to see solar powered LED christmas lights. They claim a 6 hour sparkle from the solar powered lights even on cloudy days. Not sure about the hours of sparkle, but we are getting some for the simple reason: No more power cords! The only tree in our back yard we could put Christmas lights was about 60 feet from nearest outlet. Canadian Tire has a good selection of C6 and mini-led solar power light sets. They all have 50 lights and come in multi coloured or warm white. Though the warm white we bought last year from CanadianTire were anything but warm in hue. All the sets appear to be $29.99 and available now. From the CanadianTire site, here is how they describe these lights:
  • Solar light set is designed specifically for Canadian winters
  • Stays lit for three nights on one charge
  • Includes solar amorphous panel, wall mount and ground stake
  • Lights stay lit even if one bulb burns out
  • Charges even on a cloudy day
  • No more hassle with extension cords
  • Available in multi-coloured and warm white
  • For outdoor use
The only issue I can see at this point is the number of solar panels lying around. For our one tree we need at least 150 light and preferably 200 lights or even 250. Why can I not get the lights separately from the solar panels, and then buy an appropriate solar panel for the number of lights I want to put up? It would be nice to have solar panels in three or four different sizes that would let me plugin 1,2,3 or 4 strings of light and have them daisy chained. As it is we will need to figure out how to get the lights to work at the top of the tree. Once we get some and test them out, we will post a little review here too. Here is to a bright Holiday season sparkle powered by Ra.
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