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Stationary that blooms

Blooming StationaryNow here is a creative way to recycle paper.

There are a number of stationary businesses that have embedded their wrapping paper and greeting cards with seeds that can be planted. WishBuds and  Botanical Paperworks are only two such businesses.

The paper that WishBuds uses is handmade and is manually embedded with wildflower seeds. The paper is made from linen or cotton and decomposes when placed in soil. The seeds found in the paper are a mixture of many varieties. Some of these are clarkia, corn poppy, bird’s eyes, snapdragon and catchfly. According to WishBuds, the seeds are randomly spread throughout the layers of the paper so that "one or many of the varieties may grow as the seeds are randomly spread throughout the layers of the paper". The Botanical Paperworks website shows how the process works. 

Just plant and water the paper and it will bloom.

If you are a DIY kind of person, then you can easily make your own blooming paper. Just follow the instructions for handmade paper and carefully embed the seeds when the paper is dry. There are also many paper-making kits available. Botanical Paperworks offers one, but you can also visit your local art and crafts store or hobby shop, or have a further look online.


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