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Trade in your old car in Quebec

Quebec was hit with a few days of very nasty air pollution last week. The combination of high humidity, very weak winds and low cloud cover lasted for four days. This resulted in airborne pollutants being unable to disperse. This type of weather condition suggests that the resulting poor air quality was due primarily to locally emitted pollutants. One of the most significant problems in this case is vehicle emissions. Apparently, Quebec still allows cars on the road that are not equipped with anti-pollution systems. There are no mandatory emissions inspections. Something needs to be done here! Is it any wonder that we are seeing an increase in asthma and other allergies.

Association québécoise de lutte contre la pollution atmosphérique

The Association québécoise de lutte contre la pollution atmosphérique (AQLPA) is asking the people of Quebec to take action. The AQLPA's Faites de l'air! program will exchange cars from 1995 or earlier for either six months' worth of transit passes for use in the Montreal or Quebec metropolitan regions, or for $300. The program encourages Quebecers to make a difference to the environment by getting rid of an older and more polluting vehicle. AQLPA president André Bélisle is asking Quebecers to take action. "We invite all owners whose vehicles were built in 1995 or earlier to respond to the current air quality situation, and to take concrete action to reduce air pollution by registering for AQLPA's Faites de l'air! program," he said. For further information: André Bélisle, (418) 642-1322, (418) 386-6992; To register: Lorraine Lachapelle, 1-888-819-7330, (418) 642-1384,
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