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You Have a Choice: Stop Harper!

The call continues to ring out for Canadians to vote strategically for the environment. The latest action comes form AVAAZ to make the

Stop Harper Pledge:

"I pledge to vote smart to help prevent a Harper majority government from devastating our climate. If the election in my riding is close and could elect a Conservative, I will come together with other Canadians across party lines, vote for the candidate most likely to defeat the Conservative candidate, and encourage my friends and family to do the same."

Several artist have united in this cause to record the musical message "You Have a Choice". Give it a listen and then make your pledge to vote smart.

Ricken Patel and the Avaaz Canada Team recommend the following websites to help you with strategic voting:

For an outstanding guide to how to vote strategically where you live, visit this great website:
For a great analysis of the Parties' environmental records:
And here is another good strategic voting environmental website:
If you want to double-check that who you should vote smart for, this is a highly impartial guide from Greg Morrow, who does not support strategic voting:

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