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Eco-friendly snow removal

Posted by Environment Smart on 12/10 at 01:14 PM
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We have just received our first real accumulation of snow (15cm to 20cm, with more coming). “It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas ...”

We live in the West Island. A large number of homes in this suburban area of Montreal use a snow-removal service. Someone comes to clear the driveway with a snow plow. This is very convenient, as we can get a lot of snow around here. We initially employed this service because our driveway is so long. It is about 8 car-lengths long and and and a half car-widths wide (three wide at the top). We did not want to chance being caught trying to dig ourselves out of a snow storm in the early morning and end up late for work. After a few years of having our driveway plowed, we started rethinking our choice. First of all, on the days when the snow was really too deep to drive through, there was no hurry to get to work anyway due to cancellations. Secondly, we often ended up doing a fair bit of shoveling, because the plow was sometimes late and we still had to shovel around the car in the driveway. Thirdly, we were becoming more environmentally conscious and were feeling that a snow-removal service might be one area where we could reduce our carbon footprint.

So, last year we decided to do without our snow-removal service. What a winter to pick! We had close to a record snow fall. The first snow storm almost did us in, but we recovered in time for the second snow storm about a week later. All of our neighbours and passers by gave us sympathetic looks and comments. We, however, felt anything but pitiable. In fact, we felt very proud that we could maintain such a beautifully cleared driveway (as well as several paths). Yes, we would groan and grumble a bit whenever we faced yet another driveway full of wet and heavy snow, but a feeling of accomplishment always followed after our hard work.

This year, we are sticking to our commitment to shoveling our long driveway by hand. It seems like a no-brainer method of eco-friendly snow-removal. When we were out shoveling yesterday evening, we thought back to last year. If this winter turns out to be another doozy for snow fall, then we will be the fitter for it. No complaints. What is good for the environment, is good for us!

Tips for the inexperienced shoveler:

  • Always bend at the knees when shoveling. This will save you weeks of back pain.
  • Do not overload your shovel.
  • Pace yourself. If your are not in good physical fitness, then take your time. Shoveling snow is not a race.
  • We use a large scoop for clearing most of our long driveway. This helps take pressure off of your back, as you are pushing, rather than lifting the snow. We bought our snow scoop at Canadian Tire a few years ago.
  • Do not leave all of the snow shoveling to when the snowing has stopped. If you can, shovel a few times. The quality of the snow can change, and you do not want to end up shoveling a large amount of wet and heavy snow.
  • Wear layers so that you do not over-heat.
  • Do not forget to drink water at regular intervals. Shoveling snow is like any other exercise – you need to keep hydrated.

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