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Green Business Makes Good Cents

Posted by Environment Smart on 09/26 at 11:25 AM

We are seeing more and more businesses turning green. Many companies are seeing past the expense of adapting equipment and business attitudes to a more eco-friendly approach. As consumers are taking a stronger stand in their purchasing choices, businesses are seeing the sense in providing more environmentally smart products. Automotive companies are starting to provide more fuel efficient vehicles, food companies are turning to sustainable agriculture, and manufacturers are using recycled materials in production. We are being offered some better choices and taking them. Green businesses are putting “green” back in their pockets.

Pentel, for example, attributes its successful back-to-school season to the newly-introduced Hyper-G pens (made from 57% recycled plastic) and the Recycology(TM) line of environmentally friendly products. There is also good press to be had with a green business approach. Pentel recently enjoyed spots on Good Morning America, and a feature on the cover of National Geographic’s Green Guide.

Pentel has been active in supporting the environment since 1974. In addition to using recycles materials in their products, Pentel modified their manufacturing process by removing substances that are harmful to the ozone layer. Pentel has also cooperated with the World Wide Fund for Nature since 1992.

“Going green has long been a philosophical platform for Pentel,” Pentel Director of Marketing De Verges B. Jones said, “The Recycology assortment line is an evolution of the Pentel of America commitment to the environment. The Recycology gel pens, pencils, highlighters and tape deliver superior performance and benefit the environment by utilizing recycled content. We are committed to protecting the global environment and controlling pollution—without compromising the high level of quality that is synonymous with Pentel.”

Hopefully, companies like Pentel will start to become the norm as we continue to work towards reducing our carbon footprint.

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