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Pay for your shopping bag at Loblaws

Posted by Environment Smart on 11/28 at 01:41 PM
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BRAMPTON, ON, Nov. 27 /CNW/ - As a cornerstone to our 20th anniversary of PC(R) GREEN products and our ongoing commitment to respect the environment, Loblaw Companies Limited is pleased to announce that effective Earth Day 2009 (April 22, 2009) all corporate and participating franchise stores nationally will no longer provide complimentary plastic shopping bags at check-out. Loblaw will continue to encourage customers to use alternatives to plastic bags, enhance its offer of affordable reusable bag options and charge $0.05 per plastic shopping bag, when they are requested by customers.

It is excellent news that Loblaws is taking initiative in the area of plastic shopping bag use in the grocery chain stores. 

In our opinion, there is no need to even offer the $0.05 bags. $0.05 is not much of a deterrent for many people, unless you happen to live in a green-minded community where shame plays a role. Customers will more easily get into the practice of bringing their own bags if they need to buy a $1.00 bag each time they forget their own. The grocery chain stores in the Netherlands have a shopping bag vending machine set up in the store. If you forget your bag, then you buy a new one.

We do a good deal of our grocery shopping at the local Provigo, Maxi and Loblaws stores. Whereas, we started regularly using our own sturdy shopping bags about 8 years ago, we did sometimes leave them in the car and would end up using the store's plastic bags. It was very helpful when Loblaws introduced their reusable shopping bags. We could buy a couple when we forgot our original bags. We also found the bags to be useful for shopping elsewhere. We now have a trunk full of shopping bags, and no longer forget to bring them into the store.

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