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New Online Market Website - - Promotes Swapping as the New Shopping

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"Recessionistas" Discover Innovative Way to Obtain High-End Bargains

MANHATTAN, N.Y., Nov 20, 2008 (OUTOFGREEN.CA) -- With the amount of stuff we all have, many people are left wondering what to do with items they no longer need, desire or have room for.

"Freeing up closet space to make room for new things is a big draw," explains Tania Martino, co-creator of, who discovered this personally when she moved to Manhattan with no money and saw her tiny closet space.

"So many times we buy or receive things that we only need or want for a little while. What do you do with items after that? You go online to and swap it for something else! Just because you no longer want the item doesn't mean somebody else wouldn't love to have it. We've created a marketplace where people can exchange items rather than purchase them."

With a shift in consumer thinking and the reassessing of priorities, provides "shoppers" the excitement of acquisition without needing cash. The recent history of over consumption has created a thriving consignment scene. The current economy is being felt all the way up the socioeconomic ladder.

Indeed, the "fashionistas" known for their love of luxury goods, have rebranded themselves as "recessionistas." These stylish shoppers haven't given up the sport, they are simply now on the hunt for fashionable high-end bargains!

"We currently have 15 categories including 'professional services,' and are growing all the time," states Roseanna Martino, the other creator in this mother/daughter team. "People are thrilled to be able to exchange something they don't want for something they do. Now is especially a good time, allowing people to save their money. Additionally, it's a great way to recycle and go green."

With the wide variety of categories, why not try swapping your bridal gown for a designer purse, or electronics for financial planning services, or how about those unopened bridal gifts for golf or tennis lessons? The possibilities are endless.

"Ultimately, we want goods and services to end up with someone will really enjoy them. We are matchmakers for your stuff," Martino concludes.

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