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Recycled Disco Ball

Posted by Environment Smart on 11/04 at 02:24 PM
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Recycled Disco Ball
: Make a cool disco ball using an old ball and CDs.


You will need:

  • Several old CDs: the amount needed will depend on the size of the ball. Use software or music CDs and not recordable CDs as these will fleck.
  • An old ball: we used a battered old soccer ball.
  • Tacky glue or hot glue gun: we preferred the tacky glue as the pieces can still be shifted while the glue is wet.
  • Wire for hanging: not too thick.
  • Stong scissors or shears



  1. Make sure that your ball does not leak air. It is advisable to coat the ball with a layer or two of urethane to help prevent future leaking.
  2. Cut the CDs into irregular pieces. We cut 1cm to 2cm pieces for the soccer ball. Use smaller pieces for a smaller ball. Discard any splintered pieces. Wear safety glasses. Please note that it may be difficult to control the shape and size of the CD pieces you cut. Some CDs splinter very easily. Pieces that have a bit of a break in them can, however, still be used.
  3. Wrap wire around the ball in two directions. Bring lose wire ends together and form into a loop. The CD pieces will be glued on top of the wire, so make sure that the wire is not too thick, otherwise the CD pieces will not glue evenly.
  4. Glue the CD pieces all around the ball to completely cover it. This project require patience and fine motor skills. It is best suited to older children, teenagers and adults. 
  5. Hang your disco ball from the protruding wire loop.

Note: This project can also be done with a styrofoam ball if you cannot find an old ball to recycle. 


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